Life and Property In Safe

They undergo specialized training in martial arts and unarmed combat, and make your facility an unconquerable bastion from unwanted intruders.

The Best Security Services in Bangalore and India

The security personnel provided by us are adept to handle emergency situations and know completely about the security watch and ward duties. In our team, we have appointed ex-serviceman from the Indian Army and other physically fit people.

We undertake a thorough background check of all the personnel prior to recruitment, besides a host of other measures comes as an added assurance.

  • 24 Hours Control Room
  • All operations staff are provided with an extensive communication network
  • Regular checks and patrolling by night staff.
  • Provision of additional security staff at short notice, whenever so required.
  • Immediate response on short calls,
  • Independent communication system to all major units and important clients.
  • Our security Managers are in regular contact with the clients, to provide assistance to their Security problems if any.
  • Action Plan during Riots & Strikes.